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Wellbeing fund announced for adult social work and social care staff


The Scottish Government has announced £1m funding to support staff wellbeing for those working in adult social work and social care.

In partnership with Inspiring Scotland, they strongly encourage staff and organisations across the country to apply for one of two grants.

These can be up to £5,000 for short-term wellbeing initiatives or up to £10,000 for more sustainable impact solutions.

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Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply if you:

  • work for a public, private or voluntary sector organisation which delivers adult social work and social care services, and you have the agreement and support of your employer organisation to apply for this funding
  • are a member of an organisation which directly supports the wellbeing of adult social work and social care staff, where your proposals do not directly duplicate initiatives already being run by staff or employers

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What can I use this money for?

It is important to note that this money must be used for the sole purpose of improving staff wellbeing. Examples of what this fund will not pay for are:

  • Staff salaries or bonuses
  • Backfilling staff
  • Monetary payments to staff

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How do I apply?

If this is something you feel your organisation could benefit from, consider one of the two following offers to apply for:

Immediate Impact Funding – Up to £5,000

Applications for this grant must be intended to make an immediate impact to the wellbeing of staff and take no more than six months to deliver.

Sustainable Impact Funding – Up to £10,000

Applications for this grant must be for activity that will build wellbeing capacity, which may take longer than six months to deliver and can either be sustained or is likely to have a sustainable impact on the social work/social care team beyond this time.

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Applications close at noon on 29 July 2022

Visit the Inspiring Scotland website

for full details and further information.