Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge


Want to get more active but need a motivation boost?

The Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge is for you!

It’s a fantastic way to get physical activity into your day, save yourself money and even earn some great prizes. What’s not to love?!

Male and female coworkers walking to work together. The man is pushing a bike along.

You can take part by yourself or team up with colleagues – all that matters is that you leave the car at home and find a more interesting way of getting to work.

Cycling, scooting, running and walking on your commute and for local trips are brilliant ways of incorporating exercise into your day; whilst public transport and lift sharing are great ways to reduce congestion. All this helps you get fitter, feel good, and do your bit for your environment.

You can log any journey, whether it’s your regular commute, trip to the shops or leisure activity, the school run or business trip. If you’re working from home you can record your local journeys too!

a group of cyclists taking a break together in the countryside

All these journeys can be logged and you’ll receive encouragement every step of the way with prizes, rewards, badges and stories from other participants across the country.

Sound good? Then get signed up!

Head over to the Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge website now.

See you out there!