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Introducing…Craig McArthur


We’ve just launched our new regular feature, ‘Introducing’!

Every month you can find out more about staff within East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership, including what they enjoy most about their work and what they get up to in their spare time.


This month we’re ‘Introducing’…

Craig McArthur,

Director of East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership

My name is Craig McArthur and I am the director of the partnership and the chief officer of the IJB (Integration Joint Board) in East Ayrshire.

You can normally find me in the Johnnie Walker Bond, although I sometimes work from Council HQ in London Road as that is where most of our governance meetings take place.

However, like most of us, I really enjoy seeing what is happening in services. When I can, I like to get out to see our teams and delivery partners ‘in action’.

I have been doing this job for almost two years, having previously worked in finance, ICT and transformation roles in East Ayrshire Council. I’m an accountant to trade, so a big career change for me, and one that I have enjoyed (almost) every minute of…and my calculator has remained in a drawer for a while now!

While we all have our own stories to tell about how we have hopefully succeeded in our respective roles, I recognise that the success of this partnership is all about people working together to deliver their best for our residents. If I can support and enhance this joined-up working between teams, services and agencies then I will be happy.

We all have a degree of stress in our job, and it is important to recognise this and know how to look after ourselves.

Personally, while work often stretches into the evening, I try hard to protect time at the weekend to spend with family and friends, and during the summer you can often find me in a fast car or on the bowling green.

I also really enjoy going on holiday, whether that be around the towns and villages of the UK, or sometimes a bit further afield.

I’ve even managed to find a few places where my mobile phone gets no signal (we’ll be going back there!).

Thanks again to Craig for chatting with us!

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