Our Analogue to Digital Team with their Bronze Award

East Ayrshire wins Digital Telecare Award


Our Analogue to Digital team recently received an award from Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government – an amazing achievement and a milestone step in delivering technology enabled care (TEC) in East Ayrshire.

The Bronze Digital Telecare Implementation Award recognises the progress we have made in our analogue to digital transition project and sets the foundations upon which the future of the project will rest.

We recognise the importance of transitioning the Community Alarm service from Analogue to Digital and, on the announcement of Telephony companies ending the sale of copper analogue lines and transitioning to digital, we immediately began planning for the transition.

This involved the recruitment of the Analogue to Digital (A2D) team, who have responsibility for the transition of the Community Alarm service and associated equipment.

First action by the A2D team was to review current systems and equipment, working with internal and external partners to procure and upgrade the call handling system and continue to provide a valuable service to those most vulnerable in our community.

The Analogue to Digital team will now focus on the procurement and roll out of the new digital ready Community Alarm units, strengthening our position as the transition gathers pace.

“Life-changing benefits”

Erik Sutherland, Chair of the Analogue to Digital Board in East Ayrshire, said:

“It is with great pride that I extend congratulations on receiving the Bronze Digital Telecare Implementation Award to all officers involved in this. 

Colleagues have made fantastic progress in delivering on digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC). Strategically, we want to realise the huge potential of TEC across health and social care and the life-changing benefits of this for the residents of East Ayrshire.

TEC plays a vital role in enabling independent living, community inclusion and innovative forms of care and support, and I consider it an honour to be see how TEC adds to quality of life for people.

The upgrade of the control from analogue to digital ensures that we are able to continue to support the most vulnerable in our communities in the digital age.  I’d like to thank all officers involved for their contributions in reaching this incredible milestone.  

Thanks also go to colleagues in Digital Telecare at Scottish Government for the recognition of our progress. We look forward to continuing our work on the transition from analogue to digital telecare as we progress toward the Silver Award. 

This achievement has encouraged us to continue to strive for excellence in delivering TEC. It’s an exciting time for TEC in East Ayrshire.”

Continuing the journey…

Achieving the Bronze Award is a significant milestone for the Analogue to Digital team and for the partnership as a whole.

With this digital alarm receiving solution in place, we can now move towards the first phase of testing with alarms and peripherals.

We will continue to work with Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government as we progress towards the Silver Digital Telecare Implementation Award.