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‘Creating Hope’ with Margaret McLean


We recently welcomed Margaret McLean, Suicide Prevention Lead for East Ayrshire, who will now be working with our Wellbeing and Recovery Team at EAHSCP.

Margaret will soon be piloting ‘Creating Hope’ – a support group for people in East Ayrshire bereaved by suicide.

Read on to find out more about Margaret and the group, which she hopes will become a vital source of support for those who have lost loved ones.

“I am the new Suicide Prevention lead for East Ayrshire, working within the Wellbeing and Recovery team.

“This post has been created to support the delivery of the ‘Creating Hope Together’ suicide prevention strategy, which involves connecting and collaborating with all members of our communities and our workforce, promoting suicide prevention and wellness as everyone’s business.

“The ‘Creating Hope’ group is a safe and confidential space for people to share and explore feelings with others who have been bereaved by suicide and can offer peer support. This relationship supports those within the group to explore their own feelings of grief together whilst working towards a sense of healing and a sense of hope.

“I’m also keen to promote suicide prevention training within East Ayrshire Council and East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership, which is delivered by the pan-Ayrshire suicide prevention training team.

“This training programme will be the route for anyone living and working in East Ayrshire who wishes to attend suicide prevention training from Introductory to ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) levels.”

To find out more about ‘Creating Hope’, please contact Janet on 07519 102 977 or email janet@auchinleckacdi.co.uk.