Local Conversations

Have your say about your local health and social care services.

We know how important it is to come together and share honestly how things are and what we can suggest and do together to improve.

Our local conversation events let you and your local community find out what’s been going well, what’s new since we last got together, and hear about the good partnership working that’s happening right here in East Ayrshire! It’s a great way to see how this makes a difference to everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Most importantly, you get to share your thoughts about how things are and help us transform our services for the better.

Who can attend these events?

These events are intended for anyone who lives or works in East Ayrshire, or has family they support in the area. We want to make sure we are speaking with everyone who is part of our amazing communities, so please come along and spread the word! Your views are really important to us.

What is involved?

Local Conversations vary from year to year, depending on current circumstances and priorities. We need to make sure they are as relevant as they can be. However, you can expect them to be interesting, informative and empowering.

We’ll talk to you about some of our recent work with partners across East Ayrshire. We often have entertainment from local groups, and we will always make sure lunch and plenty of refreshments are available! We will also bring some key themes for everyone to discuss, so we can understand what is important to you, your family and community.

The discussions that we have will then feed into our areas of work and focus for the year whether that is getting you home from hospital or accessing support services in your local community.

How are they organised?

We aim to hold our Local Conversation events every year. Unfortunately we have had a bit of a break due to the pandemic, but we made sure we kept in touch with communities in other ways during that time. We are so glad that they are back now, and can’t wait to see you at one soon.

How do I attend?

Sign up to receive health and social care information using East Ayrshire Council’s StayConnected for email updates, or follow us on social media to find out when we are holding our Local Conversations events. We also include information on our Living Well website, so you can always keep an eye on our What’s New section.