Food bills

In this day and age, nobody should be going hungry.

However, it happens, and here at East Ayrshire HSCP we’re committed to helping out when it does.

If you’re starting to worry about how you will afford your weekly essentials, we’re here for you.

Statistics show that the vast majority of food parcels given out by food banks are due to problems with people receiving their benefits, or that their benefits don’t provide them with enough to live on.

Getting to grips with what money is available to you will help you get back on track. Read through our advice and guidance to find out what support is out there, and there are friendly local services to help you find your way through the information.

We also have foodbanks throughout East Ayrshire, with specialist advisors who can help you maximise your income and make sure you’re receiving all the benefits you’re entitled to.

Have a look through the links below for more information.

East Ayrshire Council

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