Low mood

When you’re feeling down it can seem like a huge, dark cloud is hanging over you.

As well as making us feel sad, it can also involve other negative emotions, such as guilt, loneliness and anger, and can leave us feeling mentally and physically drained.

If you’ve not been feeling great lately, we’re here to help.

Whether it’s getting outside in nature, opening up to a friend, family member or trusted colleague about how you’re feeling, or simply making time to be kinder to yourself, the good news is there are simple steps we can all take to boost our mood and chase those storm clouds away.

There are lots of ideas and advice in the following links that you can try to help improve your mood.

Everyone’s experiences are different, and support is always available when you need it.

NHS Inform: Mind to Mind

NHS Inform: depression self-help guide

East Ayrshire Council: Here to Listen – suicide prevention

Scottish Recovery Network